The Experimental Orthodontics Laboratory focuses on experimental and theoretical orthodontic biomechanics and materials science. Since 1987, more than 40 scientists from Dentistry, Physics and Informatics have completed their doctorate and Diploma theses in the Laboratory; most of this work has been supported by European Union and German state grants.

The facilities of the Laboratory include a variety of commercial and custom-made set-ups for biomechanical experimentation and materials testing, including: 3-D optical profilometers or microfringe projectors, mechanical coordinate measurement table; SEM with EDX; ICP-mass spectrometer; servohydraulic testing machine; specialized corrosion test set-ups combined with permanent fracture resistence testing; specialixed biomechanical set-ups for in vitro testing of dental preparations; computer equipment with several finite element packages (MARC/Mentat, COSMOS/M. Nastran, proprietary developed code); and surface triangulation software (SURFACER). Additionally the group has access to a fully equipped histology laboratory for combined biomechanical and histological studies.

The scientific output of the lab is reflecterd in the 100 papers and 10 book chapters published during the past decade. The head of the Laboratory is included in the reviewers’ or editorial board lists of 11 journals.