The National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos” is the largest governmental research foundation in Greece with multidisciplinary structure, covering a broad spectrum of Natural Sciences. The Laboratory of Cell Proliferation and Aging, functionally attached to the Institute of Biology, possesses extended infrastructure for cell culture work and cell cycle analysis such as laminar airflows, CO2-incubators, light- and UV-microscopes, cell bank containing human diploid fibroblasts from donors of various ages, and immortalized, transfored and cancer cell lines. Complete instrumentation for protein analysis including systems for chromatographic separation and Western analysis, gene expression (PCR and Northern analysis), and a fluorescent activated cell sorter are also available. Furthermore, there is access to the facilities of the Institute of Biology, including confocal microscopy, HPLC, DNA sequencer and synthesizer, and an animal house.

During the past 3 years, the Laboratory maintained an annual publication per staff index of 6.1 with over 200 citations, whilst its personnel has contributes chapters to 2 textbooks.