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Properties of orthodontic polymers

Adhesives in dentistry and especially orthodontics, provide the necessary retention of restorative materials or appliances to tooth structure. Bonding in orthodontic mainly involves Bis-GMA/TEGDMA-based polymers, applied on acid-treated enamel to provide micromechanical retention. Bond [...]

Research on orthodontic alloys

This research program utilized mechanical testing, metallographic etching, microhardness testing, SEM, and X-ray microtomography to reveal the surface and bulk morphology and structure of brackets of different composition and manufacturing process, i.e., laser-welding, metal-injection-molding (MIM) and [...]

Retrieval analysis: the inappropriateness of in vitro testing protocols

These studies dealt with the mechanical and physical properties of used biomaterials, using basically FT-IR, environmental SEM-EDS and mechanical testing (microhardness) to characterize the materials after service. The integument formed onto biomaterial surfaces after [...]

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Orthodontic Biomaterials Network

“working jointly”
The ORTHODONTIC BIOMATERIALS NETWORK was initiated by T. Eliades in 2002 as a research network of Universities and Research Centers
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