Orthodontically-induced enamel alterations

In orthodontics, bonding to enamel has been found to induce structural, color and compositional surface alterations on the host tissue. Microscopic, colorimetric and interfacial compositional studies have elucidated the phenomena associated with etching and bonding. A set of papers focused on the interfacial properties of the enamel-adhesive-bracket interface under different loading conditions, enamel preparations [...]

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Surface characterization of biomaterials

These studies employed XPS, AFM, Auger spectroscopy and SEM-EDS to characterize the surface properties of alloys and single-crystal alumina and polycrystalline ceramics materials. The major differences between surface and bulk structures arise from the direct accessibility of surface molecules for reaction with adjacent phases, and the tendency for surface energy minimization to reach en equilibrium [...]

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Orthodontic Biomaterials Network

“working jointly”
The ORTHODONTIC BIOMATERIALS NETWORK was initiated by T. Eliades in 2002 as a research network of Universities and Research Centers
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